Monday, May 13, 2013

Rachel Fox - Texas A&M University

Think we found the perfect all American girl next door. You know the type; just the right combo of sexy and cute. Rachel Fox from Texas A&M University Softball is our spotlight this week for Softball Girls Are Hot! This sexy Texan transferred from the University of Texas to their rivals in College Station after her Sophomore year. With all our research, we can't find the real reason for transferring, so we'll let her tell her own story (not here morons, ask her yourself).

(the one on the right)
This sexy pitcher finished in the top 10 in the Big 12 for ERA and Wins in her Sophomore season, something A&M is hoping she brings to their pitching staff in the SEC. She actually stumbled upon pitching when she was younger when one of her teams pitchers went down and she tried it out and never looked back. Rachel said she liked it and was pretty good at it right away so why do anything else? Comes from a small school, which adds to the allure and her best feature would have to be her legs. Crazy hot! She represents her religion well and isn't afraid to show it so we might not get a RT on this one, but it's all good. You can follow her on twitter here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nicollette Levine - University of South Florida

Our next spotlight for Softball Girls Are Hot is Nicolette Levine from USF. This girl's got brown hair, brown skin and GREEN eyes. Yes, the first thing that we gravitated towards with this hot mestiza were those sexy, sexy eyes. Dang those are hot! Those dimples are not to be ignored and we haven't even mentioned her body yet (mmmmmm) which she's not afraid to show off. She's also got some ink which you'll see below, and though too much is a turn off, she's got just enough to tell you she's got a little bit of a wild side to her (must be the Latin).

She's a Florida girl to be sure. Started at FSU but ended up transferring to USF. Sophomore that plays 3rd base. Doesn't get a lot of run, but just enough to take a trip to one of the games to watch this hot softball girl. She's got these sexy thick legs and a Latin ass (you know what we mean). Bet she could Salsa the hell out of a dance floor. You can always follow her on twitter here. Thanks for the tip on this one, sexy as hell!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kimi Pohlman - University of Washington

We know what you're thinking, and quite frankly we don't care if she's not playing anymore. This girl is drop dead gorgeous and she needs to be recognized! Kimi Pohlman is our SBGRH Softball girl of the week. Though she graduated in 2012, she ranks among the top all time for the Lady Huskies. She was even taken as the 2nd overall pick of the NPF 2012 draft by the Chicago Bandits and just signed a one-year deal to play with the team for the 2013 season. As far as her credentials are concerned, not sure where to begin... so follow the link here to see what she's accomplished, seriously she's legit. We would just copy and paste it below, but thought just sharing pics of her would be more appropriate (you're welcome).

 She's an aspiring coach and actually started her own softball skills camp at which is a great first step to coaching; not only that, but her camps donates proceeds to Charity Water (one of the more reputable charities on the market). So this girl is crazy hot, smart, and charitable?!?!?! What's not to like! The last pic might just be our favorite... Damn! This softball hottie should be a model! As always you can follow her on Twitter here

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alicja Wolny - University of Louisville

Searching for hot Softball women again and it didn't take long to find one, in fact that hardest part was figuring out which one to choose. With that this post goes to Alicja Wolny from The University of Louisville.

Louisville is absolutely killing it this year! They're currently ranked 9th in the nation and Wolny is a big reason why. She's hitting .363 and in the top 10 in the Big East Batting Ave, Slugging pct and OBP. She also leads her team in OBP, Doubles, Walks and HBP; the girl gets on base and often times that's all it takes. She earned Big East player of the week in Mid-April where she hit .692 with 8 RBI, 2 HR and scoring 4 herself. She was dealing with an injury earlier in the year or those numbers might be close to video game numbers when healthy. She's in her Junior year and crazy hot!

Her hair is absolutely gorgeous! Even the way she spells her name is sexy *whisper* Alicja... She's listed at 5'9" and it makes for her great legs and an amazing back side (see below). Just another reason to go out and watch Louisville, turning us into Cardinal fans. Almost forgot, here's her Twitter to follow. As always, let us know if you've got any other pics to put up of her and keep the suggestions coming. We really look at everyone you send in.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Utah takes frustrations out on Weber State

University of Utah Softball team has had a rough go with it since joining the Pac-12. They are winless this year in conference play and decided to take that out on little Weber State University. From what I know about Utah sports, BYU is Utah's rival, but when any of their sports play Weber State they have this chip on their shoulder like they've been disrespected or something. You do realize that you're Weber State right? At any rate, the Lady Utes took out their frustrations on their "rivals" to the North demolishing them 10-1 and 8-1 in a double header on Wed (4/25). I guess that's what you get when you have the 71st ranked Utah take on the 187th ranked Weber State (yes they do keep track of the rankings after the top 25).

Tory Lewis - University of Tennessee

I've gotta admit, this one was a tough one. We went to the SEC to find some hot softball women and kept going back to The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers softball program. The hardest part about this particular choice was the abundance of gorgeous women on the team from Davin, to Trainer, Lewis, Gibson, Hosfield, etc. the list goes on. In the end we came to the realization that we're just going to have to circle back around to this school in the future so without further adieu, this post belongs to Tory Lewis.
Let us first say that she is the step-daughter of a former NFL Linebacker so we'll be monitoring the comments to protect you from saying anything stupid (as if the blog wasn't enough). She's a slapper and fast as hell! She leads the team in triples with about 40 fewer ABs than the other starters, she's also perfect in stolen base attempts and fielding percentage. Watching her interviews, she's got this confident sexy demeanor about her where she knows she's good and doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. You can follow her on twitter here, you know we do.
Really it's the dimples that did us in and the way she's not afraid to speak her mind. I think our favorite is when she talks about her speed in interviews and says that the plays weren't even close. If you've got anymore pics of her let us know and we'll update it for all to see and admire. Keep the suggestions coming, great find.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Olympics 2020 Softball Update

The International Softball Federation is trying to team up with the International Baseball Federation in an attempt to enter the 2020 Olympics. The all powerful IOC has determined that only one sport will be allowed to enter so I don't know how this is technically going to play out. According to this article, there are questions about the legality of the merger. The IOC says that Baseball was removed from the Olympics because of a lack of MLB figures, but didn't give any reason as to why Softball was expelled. My opinion is that Team USA was completely dominating the competition and other countries didn't have the exposure to the sport like the US. Eventually the world will catch up, but we're competing with Roller Sports, Sports Climbing and Squash for entry in 2020... let that sink in for a sec... Squash... Ya, I like our chances.